Rafi from Donate2Syria is raising money for ambulances

Rafi from Donate2Syria is raising money for ambulances

created by Rafiullah Wali


for the Unity Convoy 3 campaign

as a team member of Unite 4 Syria

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Total raised: £5,400.00

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Our Story

A convoy of ambulances will be departing from the UK this year. A coalition of charities will be travelling by road through Europe and heading for the Bulgarian border with Turkey.

To complete the final leg of the convoy, the ambulances will be handed over to the Syrian partners of the consortium, who will deliver and distribute the ambulances inside Syria.

The Unity Convoy will also be supporting the re-establishment programme for Hospitals which have been targeted by airstrikes, and will also support some of the most needy with your Zakah. 

All Zakah donations will go to the most needy.  Sadaqah and lillah will be split between Ambulances and medical aid for hospitals.
PLEASE TICK THE ZAKAH BOX FOR ZAKAH DONATIONS.  Anything unspeciifed will be taken as Sadaqah

Who Will It Help?

I hope through this fundraising page we can all make a huge difference to this cause.

Help me raise my target.

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