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Our world is one where basic amenities and social opportunity become the norm for all people. We focus on alleviating poverty for those in dire need of humanitarian aid – via critical emergency aid, or social projects. From newborn babies, to injured victims of war, to the elderly, our vision for the future global environment is one that produces justice, based on compassion for all. We want to encourage great strides forward as a human race. We are One Nation.

We work on a variety of local, national and international projects. These range from our Feed the Homeless events throughout the UK, to providing emergency aid relief to victims of the ongoing war in Syria. A brief overview is provided below.

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Help the Rohingya refugees


One Nation Muslim Charity Run 2019

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May Allaāh SWT bless you with Khair of both worlds Allaāhumma Aameen Yaa Rabb and all the donors and grant everyone’s du’aas. Please Keep me in du’aas


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