Help me build my Madrassah

Help me build my Madrassah

created by Nusaiyba Malik

with Taqwa Institute

for the Build My Madrassah campaign

Personal Occasion - Sadaqah Jariyah

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Our Story

Thank you for visiting my MuslimGiving page, for more information about our madrassah visit 

Build My Madrasah/ taqwa institute 

During the blessed month of Ramadan, please help me raise funds to help us build our madrassah.

Many children await to be taught here and due to lack of space we have them on waiting lists. Ahamdulillah we have a building but we need to renovate it to make it suitable for teaching. 

Currently we are spending on a rented property. 

Any money you donate would be a sadaqa jariya, and you can donate on behalf of a loved one.

Please help me be the change and make the difference.

Jazakallah khair 

Who Will It Help?

Allah reward you all for helping me raise my target.

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