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Our Story

We have decided to take part in this years amazing Dragon Boat Race, organised by Al-Noor Foundation. 

It will be a great day out but also a brilliant way to get really active and raise money at the same time. 

Eden Care will be helping raise funds for one of our main ongoing projects 'End of Life Support'. 

Inspired by Peter Chatfield – Saeed Islam Died – 4th November 2014

Our vision is to bury needy Muslims with dignity and in accordance with their wishes and faith. Muslim Burial Fund has been setup to support the needy members of the Muslim community. We have supported many individuals with burial support. Incidences of unknown deceased Muslims are increasing. Sometimes bodies are kept in the hospital morgues for many weeks and months while authorities seek to find relatives or friends who can claim the body and organise their burial according to their faith. Most often these unknown Muslims are then cremated, which is a cheaper option than a traditional burial. The background of these Muslims include; students, elderly people residing in care homes, those with no legal status and Muslim reverts who have no family support.

Muslim Burial Fund provides assistance through advice, loans or grants after carefully assessing their needs. We help individuals by developing a burial plan and contribute towards their end of life plan. Muslim Burial Fund will usually support those who are eligible for zakat and are isolated and/or have no family support.

Why the Boat Race?

Boat races are part of the great heritage of British culture and an amazing way to unite both competitors and communities together behind a common cause. Dragon Boat racing is something which is growing in popularity in the UK, originating from Southern China’s Guangdong Province.

Plus it's going to be a whole lot of fun!!!

If you can donate, we would appreciate it, but also please come along to support us on the day.

Much love

Eden Care

Who Will It Help?

I hope through this fundraising page we can all make a huge difference to this cause.

Help me raise my target.

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Cllr Kahar Chowdhury

3 months ago

Noz, great charity to be involved with. May Allah bless your efforts and accept it: Ameen. Looking forward to cheering you on at the boat race. l

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