Mohammed Sabeh's Marrakech Marathon

Mohammed Sabeh's Marrakech Marathon

created by Mohammed Sabeh

with Muslim Aid

for the Little Smiles campaign

Personal Occasion - Sadaqah Jariyah

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Our Story

I will be travelling to Marrakech in January to run a 21KM marathon in aim to sponsor 40 children in Sudan over 4 years providing food, basic nutrition, clothing, school uniforms, schoolbooks, enrolment, counselling and support. 

Sudan has suffered from years of conflict, including two civil wars which ultimately killed 1.5 million people and Sudan continues to face troubling times. It is estimated that 2.6 million children will require humanitarian assistance. 

Who Will It Help?

Every child deserves an opportunity to grow and have a happy childhood.  They deserve the opportunity to build a brighter future, so every donation no matter how small or large, will make all the difference for the 40 children in Sudan.

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