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Our Story

*Burial Appeal for 3x Muslims who need our collective support*

Please help us give our brothers & sisters a dignified Islamic burial.


Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un “We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return."

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One - Josephine Fitzgerald was born in Ireland, in 1957. She came to England 45 years ago. She embraced Islam, married and lived in London. Unfortunately she had terminal illness. Her condition deteriorated and died on 17 June 2020. Lack of finance forced her non-Muslim family to strongly consider cremation. MBF was able to reach out to her son, to give mother a dignified Muslim burial. 

Two - Sister Goutel Mohammed.

74 years old, died on 19 June 2020 after battling cancer, metastasis. She had limited family support to bury her 

Three- Mamadu 41 years old, was disabled with severe learning and physical disabilities. He lived in a care home when he passed away. He had limited family support to bury him. 

Please help us lay our deceased brother & sisters to rest.

MBF team assessed the situation & can confirm that they are all in need of our collective help. 

*We are appealing to everyone to help us pay for the funeral cost - £6600 is needed to cover costs of all three burials* 

Janazah & Burial:

Unfortunately, public are NOT ALLOWED due to the government restrictions. 

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13 Rivers Trust | Account No: 51826700

Sort Code: 40-01-18 | Ref: Muslim Burials

Surplus funds will be used to help those reaching end of life or assist with burial support.

ONLY Covid-19 Burial Grant CALLS

HELPLINE: 07957 199328

Email us if you have QUESTIONS:


To date we have supported over 271 people with burial support.

…”Hasten to bury your dead….” Al-Bukhari

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Mohammed Yasir

3 months ago

May Allah SWT widen their graves and bless them with a place in jannatul firdaus. May He accept it as a mercy for our akhirah.

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3 months ago

May Allah SWT bless the noble work you are carrying out.

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