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Latifah's Legacy

created by Latifah Harris

with Al Isharah

for the BSL QURAN PROJECT campaign

as a team member of Team Legacy: Azad, Tahiya & Ayah

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Our Story

#BearWitness to the British Sign Language Quran this Ramadan! As a student of British Sign Language that has worked with Deaf children and has family members who are in the Deaf community, I see first hand how a Deaf person is not able to access Islam the same as everyone else.  

My Mum, Hayat Hajjaj (one of the interpreting specialists working on the Quran Project) always presses on us the difficulties Deaf people go through. It's those very same social barriers that made her go into interpreting work.

 Al Isharah are working to translate the Quran, Ayah by Ayah. This is a time consuming and expensive endeavour, yet  this amazing charity is working hard to accomplish this.


This year, I have decided that I will fund-raise for the Quran in the month of the Quran! This is a sadaqah Jariyah project that will leave a lgeacy. Pease donate for the sake of Allah


Donate generously for the sake of Allah!

Who Will It Help?

I hope through this fundraising page we can all make a huge difference to this cause.

Help me raise my target.

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May Allah reward you and accept your good deeds inshallah. x

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