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Our Story

Hear Women supports girls and their families both in the UK and abroad. We are a Westminster based charity that has both local and international projects. 

In the UK, we work with diaspora communities to end social isolation and promote community cohesion. Trying to start fresh from difficulties can be a daunting experience that often leaves families feeling overwhelmed and alone. Hear Women for the last ten years has been at the forefront of making a meaningful change to womens' lives through workshops, events, outings and courses. 

Our International projects are centred around women empowerment in the community and orphan programmes. We support both women and children in: 
- Somalia
- The Gambia
- Syria

We provide both emergency relief to families that need it the most as well as support orphans on their journey to seeking a better life through education. Together with careful planning and local expertise, the Hear Women regional offices are able to develop programmes and projects that bring maximum impact to the community it is serving. 

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Email: info@hearwomen.org

Phone: 02036649519

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