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“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day - Teach a man to fish and you feed him and his family for life”...


After carefully researching, we have identified and witnessed a lot of villages within the Greater Sylhet division, villages that stays under water for at least 5/6 months during the year. This is due to some of the district’s villages that are demographically below water level, especially during the monsoon season. This project aiming to focus on Molovibazar District initially and where there are 580 families living within three villages, out of all the communities we have listed 100 most destitute families to support.


We are aiming to deliver boats, finishing materials and umbrellas to families who are under-privileged and living within the flood ridden lands in greater sylhet division.
This will enable the families to become self-sufficient and for individuals to stand on their own two feet.


Our aim is to take this project all over Bangladesh and help those communities who are struggling not only financially but mentally to survive and support their children’s education and have a decent life. The income will benefit to build a family together and focus to develop their children to have a much better life than their predecessors which will change the lifecycle of their current livelihood.


Cap Foundation always tries and brings unique projects for our community, to take part and contribute your skills to empower and inspire the people in need.

Please donate and be part of this amazing cause.

£250 per boat package and we will engrave the donors name on the Boat or donate from £1 to any amounts In Sha Allah 


Faisal Khan

Khadeeja Sadique

Assader Miah

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May allah accept our efforts and forgive us all ameen


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Sahid Sadi, Salima Begum and Anisur Rahman. Fish4Life Boad Project. 3 Boats.

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