Help Family Events build TWO Homes in Hopeville

Help Family Events build TWO Homes in Hopeville

created by Abdullah Mahmood

with Human Aid UK

for the Hopeville - Homes campaign

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Our Story

Our charity partner, Human Aid UK, is creating a unique project - ‘Hopeville’ for Orphans and Widows inside Syria; aside from providing what these vulnerable people need in care and support, it will comprise of 50 homes, a mosque, a school and an activity centre.

Help Family Events contribute to this amazing project by helping to build TWO homes in Hopeville.


*Zakat donations will be allocated towards furniture and fittings

Who Will It Help?

The homes are securely grouped into 2 bedroom self-contained flats with 4 of these in each building. There will be a communal wall for added protection, guards and gated access points. Lamp posts running off the communal generator will keep the area well lit to avoid night time security issues and all the properties will be fully furnished and ready for their occupants to focus on rebuilding their lives. Each home will also come with its own solar pack that will maintain personal electricity stability and take a pressure off the main generator.

Bring #Hopeville to Life.

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