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Gaza Emergency Appeal

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Our Story

Gaza is being bombarded once again, and its 2 million residents have endured three large scale bombardments in the last 10 years. The Gaza Strip has been under a brutal siege causing mass poverty and psychological trauma. It is a state of emergency, and we need your help to ensure the people of Gaza receive vital humanitarian aid immediately. Please donate now! 

Urgent Medical Aid - £1000

Palestinians living with debilitating medical conditions are often unable to afford the cost of surgery or health insurance. For those injured and left with life changing disabilities, things are even more difficult.

You will provide financial support to people with disabilities to support their medical care, as well as providing assistive devices like artificial limbs, hearing aids etc.

Urgent Financial Aid - £500

With high rates of unemployment and entrenched poverty, financial aid is an essential lifeline of support for thousands of families. This amount can support 5 families with £100 each or 10 with £50 and ensure some peace of mind for basic needs during the winter months.

Immediate Relief - £200

This will protect a family from the cold with shelter and a nutritious food pack for one month.


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