Eid al Adha in Gaza

Eid al Adha in Gaza

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Our Story

Over 68% of households in Gaza face food insecurity and for many, Eid is the only time of year that they may enjoy some fresh meat.

Share your Qurbani with the people of Gaza and provide families some relief and joy on Eid Day. 

Qurbani - £95

Your Qurbani will be carried out in the most economical location abroad. The Qurbani meat is then frozen which maximises the benefit of your donation as meat is often a rare luxury for many Palestinians. On Eid, we also ensure fresh local meat is distributed to the neediest families so they can take part in the celebrations too!

Local Qurbani in Gaza - £300

Your Qurbani will be carried out on an animal from a local farm in Gaza which greatly supports the local economy. Fresh meat will be distributed to those most in need. 

Fresh Meat Parcel - £20

Provide a fresh meat parcel for a refugee family to enjoy both on Eid and many days after.

Eid Gift (per child) - £5 

Provide Eid gifts for children and bring smiles to their faces on Eid Day.

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