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Our Story


Education for children in many parts of Africa is challenging due to the lack of facilities and access to resources that are essential for learning. We want to establish an educational resource centre starting in Uganda, which will include a library, printing facilities, a science laboratory, seminar rooms, vocational training facilities and an ICT laboratory. Local schools in the area will have access to the centre and its resources.

Donations will be use to establish not only an educational resource centre but also Sigma Africa Healthcare Medical Store, hospitals and health centres supported by Medaid United Kingdom in Northern Uganda.


Why is the project so important?

Most children in schools in Northern and Eastern Uganda are not accessing quality education compared to students in other parts of the country. This is due to a lack of educational resources such as science laboratory equipment, textbooks, computer laboratory access, quality teaching, assessment materials, and a lack of teachers’ continuous professional development.

These issues have resulted in poor teaching and learning, characterised by poor numeracy and literacy skills, which has been confirmed by persistent poor primary, “O” and “A” level results especially in Science, Maths, and English. Fewer students from the region are being admitted to higher education (Colleges and Universities). This has led to a high unemployment rate in the region and a poor standard of living.

We aim to establish an educational resources centre. The centre will facilitate :

-         -  the sharing of skills, experience, and resources

-        -   the central sharing of limited reference educational resources such as relevant textbooks, science laboratory equipment, computers, and interactive whiteboards

-          - the resource centre will have a computer library for students to access online educational resources

-        - seminar and conference facilities, printing resources, and vocational learning resources will also be available at the centre.

The programme aims to promote schools working together to create an atmosphere of collaboration and partnership within participating schools which will in turn promote the project sustainability and viability. Participating schools will receive donations of science laboratory equipment, textbooks, and other educational resources based on their specific needs.

We really appreciate your support to help inspire the world of education of underprivileged, talented and intelligent boys and girls and empower youths such as orphans who have dropped out of school because of their inability to pay school fees.