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Our Story

Our belief is “Sadaqa can eradicate difficulties in our life.” If Sadaqa is for a long time, we can achieve a huge reward from Allah (SWT). Our team is working on the ground in Somalia, East Africa. One Water Well serves drinking water for the entire village. It is a permanent solution for the scarcity of drinking water in Somalia.

If you can donate a share of whole Water Well by paying any amount preferably £500.00 out of £5000.00. Your name would be engraved in the Water Well as well as at the heart of the distressed community of East Africa inshaAllah. You can also pay £100 for a temporary water tank.

May Allah grant you enormous Baraka on your income and bless you. May Allah grant you reward like Hazrat Usman (RA) who donated a Water well for the community.


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