Education Aid for Palestinians

Education Aid for Palestinians

Working to provide a better future for the Palestinians

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Education Aid for Palestinians (EAP) is working to provide a better future for the Palestinians via multiple targeted projects and programs.

There is no better investment than changing people’s lives through enlightening the mind and empowering the individual in any setting they are in. We know everyone uses the word investment, but we don’t take this word lightly and truly target the problem from the grassroots. As the expression goes, actions speak than words. So we will let work on the grounds and success stories speak for themselves.

Can education change societies?

The first verse that was revealed in the Quran was: read (‘Iqra’a’). This isn’t a mere statement, but a command to acquire knowledge, use the mind and elevate oneself so individuality and society can truly flourish. Education is the foundation of building any society; it is the weapon of resistance, power and independence. And history can tell you this too.

The second recipe for change is investing in the youth, and EAP systematically combines the two. Research shows that youth whom are targeted from an early stage of their lives are most receptive to change and can transform our future. It is for this reason that we target youth as early as their kindergarten and invest in them right through to their higher education, so they are aspiring citizens and more employable in their community. As Mandela rightfully believes, our youth are our weapon for change, and education is the medium.

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