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Our Story

Information about the asylum tribunal process and procedures

Research shows that people have too little information about the asylum appeals process and very little idea of what to expect.  Asylum seekers have reported feeling anxious about their appeal.  With a little more information an asylum seeker’s anxiety is reduced enabling them to engage more with the process and be more likely to disclose all relevant information. 

Evidence shows that understanding the process makes asylum seekers more confident and less anxious – this results in them giving clearer and more focused information leading to a higher chance of success. 

Our animated information film explains, clearly, what you will see and do when going to an asylum tribunal as an appellant (asylum seeker).  

The film is based on our research and that of University of Exeter.  It is targeted at both women and men going to their asylum appeal to let them know what to expect. 

You can watch our film at the bottom of this page.

Our film in their language 

Our aim is to translate the film into many languages as possible. Your donation will help us to do this.

Although many asylum seekers do not speak English when they arrive, they often speak more than one language.  We choose the languages that are most commonly spoken e.g. French serves for the whole of francophone Africa.  We prioritise the languages to ensure that the languages spoken most by women are covered, as these sometimes get omitted.  

How your gifts will help:
Together, your gifts will help translate the film into one more language

How a £1,000 would help:
This will pay for a full script translation and voice-over in one more language

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