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Our Story

Dar Al-Arqam is a non-profit with the goal of providing Free Islamic Courses Forever. Since 2008, we have delivered hundreds of high quality Islamic courses to thousands of students without charging a single penny.

In the space of 8 months, since Ramadan last year, we have: 

•  Delivered 31 free Islamic courses

•  Taught over 750 students ONSITE for free

•  Transformed the lives of so many students. (Read their stories on our website)

•  Outgrown our current premises. Due to a lack of space we are unable to cater for several classes simultaneously

•  Increased our women-only services

•  Now offer educational services to the elderly generation, not just the youth

•  Uploaded 27 full-length classes to our Online Learning Portal, which globally serves over 650 students for free

•  We also host a YouTube channel with almost 100 videos, which has over 60,000 views. That’s about 5000 hours of watch time

We want to do even more this year. We want to deliver more courses, produce more videos and launch a fully resourced Islamic development programme that will produce worshippers, institution-builders and upright role models. FOR FREE! And we want to hire staff to help us manage and deliver all these services. However, we need £100,000 to do all this.

The Prophet (s) said, “Whoever calls others to guidance will have a reward similar to everyone that follows him, without detracting from their reward at all.”

Help Dar Al-Arqam today by making a one-off donation so that we continue providing Islamic education to hundreds of students every year for FREE.


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Free Islamic Courses Forever

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Email: info@daralarqam.co.uk

Phone: 07804426267

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