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Our Story

In rural villages, many families fatally suffer from simple but curable diseases due to a lack of access to essential healthcare services. Along with some of our key partners, we are raising money to provide essential healthcare services to those suffering from physical and mental illnesses through health centres such as Adwir Medical Aid Uganda Community Hospital, Alemere Medical Aid Uganda Health Centre, and Abako Elim Community Health Centre.


·         We Raise Money To Provide Essential Healthcare For Those In Need Across Africa – This Will Help Save Lives

·         Your Donation Will Help To End Suffering By Granting Access To Essential Healthcare Services In Rural Villages In Uganda, Your Donation Will  Step In. 

·         This Project Aims To End Suffering Through The Current Lack Of Access To Essential Healthcare Services.  

·         Learn More About The Essential Healthcare Project  And How You Can Help. 


Many Ugandan families are suffering from a lack of healthcare facilities essential for living healthy lives. MedAid UK is working closely with a selection of NGO partners to help communities by providing essential healthcare services for those suffering from physical and mental illnesses. Since visiting Africa in December 2000, we have helped and improve healthcare services that are available in many local communities within rural villages in Northern Uganda such as Adwir, Alemere and Abako Elim. 

Background on the project

Uganda is the third poorest country in the world (per GDP), with millions more slipping into poverty or born into poverty on an annual basis. The Uganda National Household Survey (2016/2017) found that the extreme poverty level rose from 19.7% in 2011 to 27% in 2017 (people living on less than $1.25 a day). Rural communities bear the disproportionate burden of that poverty, especially in the northern, eastern, and more remote regions of the country. Some rural areas outside of Kampala have at least a 60% extreme poverty rate.

Long-term impact of the project

Over 200,000 children healed of common diseases conditions such as malaria, pneumonia, cough etc. Easy access to medical services by the remote local communities resulting to timely diagnosis and treatment preventing unnecessary death. Sustainable, reliable, affordable and essential medicine provided to rural hospitals and health centers saving many lives of many children, women, elderly, people suffering from mental issues, people living with HIV/AIDs etc. Many children will receive vaccinations. Many people with mental illness treated and the quality of their lives improved. Many children given the opportunity to grow up healthy, giving them the opportunity to attend school and have a future. Pregnant mothers deliver safely in good medical facilities. Many people become aware of healthy living conditions and received support and treatment.

Donate to help:

• £10 which will help us provide immunisation to 20 children and therefore saving the lives of 20 children.
• £20 which will help us to offer malaria treatment to 40 children and therefore saving the lives of 40 children.
• £25 which will provide 25 treated mosquito nets to 25 families, therefore, preventing malaria infections to 25 children and 25 mothers.
• £250 which will provide mental care services and improve the lives of 30 people with mental healthcare problems.
• £450 which will provide essential medical kits to a rural health center that can treat over 1,500 people and provide public healthcare awareness. Therefore, helping us save the lives of over 1500 people.
• £8,000 will help us to ship a 40-foot container of donated medical supplies, medicine, and medical equipment worth over £100,000 to rural Church and NGO hospitals and health centers in rural villages in Northern Uganda. This will provide treatment to over 500,000 people.
• £25,000 will help us set up rural healthcare services in remote villages of Alemere, Amolatar district Northern Uganda, Abako Elim in Alebtong district and Adwir Alebtong district northern Uganda. The health centres will offer healthcare services to over 500,000 people.
• £30,000 will help us provide surgical equipment, diagnostics equipment, dental surgery, laboratory equipment, patient beds, X-ray equipment to a rural hospital.