CHILDREN WELFARE FUND: Every Child, Every Need.

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Our Story

Support poverty alleviation and help children achieve a better quality of life through our Children Welfare Fund. We believe that every child should have every one of their needs met. Refugeehood and poverty should not define or limit them.

Your support for our Children Welfare Fund allows us to:

- Alleviate Poverty and Food Insecurity

We provide food and water aid to families across the year and support them with urgent financial aid, including help with housing and shelter. These lifelines of support make it easier for families to look after children and address their needs.

- Promote Health and Healing

We continue to subsidize medical fees for children, including those with rare and debilitating illnesses. We also provide essential medical supplies including assistive devices to support children with disabilities or long term conditions.

- Educate and Empower

We provide school kits and contribute toward school fees and vocational courses for refugee children in an effort to reduce child labor and exploitation. We also support special needs education for children with learning difficulties and hearing or visual impairments.

Supporting children requires specialists, expertise and dedication. Every contribution to our Children Welfare Fund makes a difference. Together, we can ensure every child has every need met!

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