Team Legacy: Azad, Tahiya & Ayah

Team Legacy: Azad, Tahiya & Ayah

created by Azad Hussain

with Al Isharah

for the BSL QURAN PROJECT campaign

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May allah swt accept your efforts and allow this cause to flourish insha allah.

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Love you Tahiya, Love you Ayah.x Chacha


Our Story

#BearWitness to the British Sign Language Quran this Ramadan! Working first hand on the BSL Quran Project, I often wonder what I would do if my children were not able to access the Quran; how would they recite surah Fatiha, how would they pray, how would they understand Allah, how much of the deen could they really comprehend.

My daughter, TAHIYA often asks me how Deaf people learn the Quran and who teaches them. Sometimes, its difficult to explain; we are in an age where Islamic materials and resources for the Deaf community is in it's stages of infancy. Most Deaf people are not able to access the Quran. Nevertheless, Al Isharah are working to translate the Quran, Ayah by Ayah. This is a time consuming and expensive endeavour, yet we intend to persevere with with a firm resolution.

This year, we have decided that we will fund-raise as a Father and Daughter Team so she is also able to appreciate and understand the value of an Islamic education. In addition to that, as a father, I want this to be every part of her legacy as it inshaAllah will be mine!

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