Little Heroes - Ayana & Armaan

Little Heroes - Ayana & Armaan

created by Shamina Uddin

with Lonely Orphans

for the Ramadan Heroes 2020 campaign

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Our Story

Welcome to Ayana and Armaan fundraising page. My name is Ayana and I am 8 yrs old. My brother Armaan is 5 yrs old.
We are raising money for Orphans this Ramadan. We want to help them because they have no food to eat for iftar. 
Orphans don't have parents to make them delicious food, or buy them toys and clothes. Most of them dont go school or have books to read to them.
ALLAH has blessed me to have parents who feed me and buy me wonderful clothes, so now I want to show my appreciation by feeding orphans all around the world. I need your help. 
Please donate so orphan's can eat for iftar and not starve. They will make lots of dua for us all. We will make them happy together.
Jzk lots of love and dua Ayana & Armaan

Who Will It Help?

I hope through this fundraising page we can all make a huge difference to this cause.

Help me raise my target.

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Nanu is really proud of you both!

Jzk nanu



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