Be like Uthman (RA)

Be like Uthman (RA)

created by Asik Miah

with East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre

for the ELM Waqf (endowment) Fund campaign

Personal Challenge - Appealing for a charity

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Our Story

Thank you for visiting my MuslimGiving page. 

During the time of the prophet (saw) Uthman (ra) bought a water well, 

The well was kept for the free use of Muslims, up to and after the death of Usman (ra), but the story does not end yet…

During the Ummayyad dynasty, the well and the surrounding ground (still nominally in the name of Usman (ra) since it was charitable and not inherited) were kept for free use by Muslims. Date palms grew on the grounds, and grew numerous overtime.

The dates were also harvested and given to charity in the name of Usman bin Affan (ra). This continued during the time of the Abbassid period and later.

In the present history of Saudi Arabia, the decision was made to organise it into a modern plantation. The money was shared into two parts, half to be given in charity, mainly to widows and orphans, the other half to be reinvested.

This plan was (and is still) being carried out. Today, a bank account exists in the name of Usman bin Affan, from which half of all moneys gained from the plantation are remitted, while the other half is still being given out as charity.

Out of this money, an amount was invested into purchasing land around the Masjid anNabawi in Madinah. This was developed into a hotel and accommodation for visitors to the mosque, and as per arrangement, half the income was also given out as charity, while half is being remitted to the account to be reinvested.

As at now, disbursements from this charity, started off by the virtuous sahabi, Usman bin Affan, is upwards of SR50million monthly.

This Waqf fund is still growing and benefiting the ummah (and Uthman RA). 

Having been motivated by this story, I encourage you to help towards the East London Mosque Waqf Fund, so dig deep and donate for your future.

Donating through MuslimGiving is easy and secure. Your details are safe with MuslimGiving. Once you donate, they'll send your donation directly to the charity.

Please help me be the change and make the difference.

Who Will It Help?

I hope through this fundraising page we can all make a huge difference to the future of the Muslim community in the UK and more importantly East London. Having a fund which increases the Mosques income and allows it to be self sufficient will allow important religious activities to continue after our death. 

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