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Our Story

The Another Mother campaign is designed to help women in severe poverty who have no male support providing income for the household to be able to generate immediate income. These are very vulnerable women who are often getting by through by begging, scavenging, hard labour if they can find work or as a last resort turning to prostitution.  Their children often become street children and lured into becoming child labourers just to be able to eat just one meal a day. The money paid to these women is normally as little as 40p to £1.50 a day. 


Rebuilding Lives of Mothers in Somalia August 2019
Day 2. Somalia

There’s been heighten security about foreigners being kidnapped in the past week (6 in total) which makes working a challenge. Apart from the kidnapping, today has been good day. We visited women who we helped two years ago and they are all going strong with their businesses. Today, the build was semi finished of the kiosks, we sat with the women selected for the kiosk project. We didn’t realised how much this opportunity means to them, they call it a life line. One women said she has been dreaming for sometime that she was in her new kiosk trading. Another said this is all we have and I am hoping through this we can eat daily. The women selected are all internally displaced people (IDPs) living in camps which means poverty is real. It has been very overwhelming to hear their stories, kiss and hug these beautiful ladies. It made the work of Forgotten Women seem real.

We came back for Isha and thanked Allah for the opportunity to be of service, it’s hard to comprehend that all the hard work we do in the UK to raise these funds are actually changing the lives of women permanently here.

Day 3 update

The lady in the picture is Umbiyo Hajar. She is a widow with 8 children. We selected her to receive one of our fully stocked kiosk with fast selling items which will generate and instant income.

We noticed that she wasn’t excited like the other women. She explained that her 9 year old daughter has contracted tetnus.

After inquiring we gave her personal funds for medical care but sadly the little girl passed away this morning.

Umbiyo used the money for hospital fees and the burial of her daughter.
We visited Umbiyo today to pay our respects with hugs and kisses, sadness and heartache filled the camp.

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