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37 degrees. The slightest CHANGE in YOUR temperature can cause life-threatening illnesses. Whilst we’ve begun wearing our winter jackets, turned up the heating in our houses, and ensured our cupboards are stocked; there is a stark contrast for YOUR brothers and sisters across the world.

Human Aid UK are providing Winter Packs to some of the most vulnerable in Bangladesh, Burma, Gaza, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen:

The U.N. has estimated that up to 14 million Yemenis — roughly half the country's population — will suffer severe food shortages in the next few months.

The harsh weather conditions, which are inevitable in this season, are a risk to every single refugee; forced to be living in campsites and temporary accommodation, far away from their beloved homelands.

In addition to a lack of sufficient food, adequate clothing, shelter and a source of heat, these innocent lives are awaiting months of further pain; with torrential rain, snow and severe winds expected.

Your donations will help us buy much-needed blankets, jackets, hats and socks for families. This year, we will also be providing essential diesel and fuel to those in dire need.

Umar ibn al-Khattab (May Allah be pleased with him) said:

“Winter, which is an enemy, has come, so prepare for it...”


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